Chipotle Queso Review by Leah Boehner on Lakota East Spark Cincinnati Ohio Staff Online Culture

Chipotle’s New Cheesy Joke

Written by Leah Boehner | Photography by Anna Mullins *prices may vary This is not fake news. Chipotle now has queso. Released September 12 across the Un...

Lust for Life by Lana Del Rey

By Jessica Jones | Photography Fair Use Lust for Life is the newest studio album from solo artist Lana Del Rey. The album is full of her signature baroque pop ...


By Ruth Elendu | Photography Fair Use Dunkirk immediately threw me into the face of war. There was no happy, feel good music to start off the movie. There were...

Evolve by Imagine Dragons

By Rebecca Holst | Photography Fair Use Reaching No. 2 of the Billboard 200 Albums Chart on the first week of its release, Imagine Dragons really has delivered...
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