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emily hormann, cassandra mueller, dean hume, cat cafe, kitty brew cat cafe, mason ohio, mason cat cafe, lakota east spark, spark

One Cat at a Time

April 15, 2020

story by Emily Hormann | photography by Cassandra Muller Across the entire room, cats can be seen playing, sleeping, and perking up their whiskers. In one corner, small girls held out a pink feather wand...

jiji mills, mia hilkowitz, riley higgins, ava huelskamp, dean hume, lakota east spark, spark

Life in Color: Jiji Mills

Mia Hilkowitz March 25, 2020

story by Mia Hilkowitz | photography by Ava Huelskamp It is fourth period at Liberty Junior High School and dozens of sweaty, awkward eighth-graders fill the gym awaiting team instructions for an upcoming...

shiloh wolfork, riley higgins, dean hume, lakota east spark, hate culture, liberty center, liberty center ohio, spark, lakota east, lakota east spark, hate

Hitting Hate Head On

March 3, 2020

story by Shiloh Wolfork | photography by Riley Higgins For me, hate culture has never been considered a single term or idea but instead, a gradual and continuous collection of experiences and events that...

riley higgins, ianni acapulco, alexandra fernholz, dean hume, lakota east spark, spark, political divide, lakota east spark hate culture, politics

The American Divide

Ianni Acapulco February 17, 2020

story by Ianni Acapulco | photography by Riley Higgins | photo illustration by Alexandra Fernholz The room fills with the soft symphony of careless noise: the chatter of people filing in, the shuffle...

lakota east, lakota east spark, dean hume, ianni acapulco, lillian elliot, technology, in-depth

All In Moderation

Ianni Acapulco November 15, 2019

story by Ianni Acapulco | art by Lillian Elliot East sophomore Aya Darwiche arrives to school early each morning, long before the hectic rush of the school day’s start. It’s quiet at that time, but...

rebecca holst, cassandra mueller, lakota east spark, environment, environmental, lakota east, lakota, dean hume

Getting Trashed

July 15, 2019

story by Rebecca Holst | photography by cassandra mueller | art by alexandra fernholz Walking away from the register towards her seat, surrounded by the senior’s friends, she goes and eats her lunch...

Malnourished Education

Malnourished Education

July 3, 2019

story by Rebecca Breland | art by Selena Chen *denotes name change As the last day of school arrives and students leave the building for the last time until August, the dumpsters fill with old school...

olivia marshall lakota east lakota east spark dean hume ohio mental health were all weirdos

We’re All Weirdos

June 13, 2019

East freshman Olivia Marshall creates her own advocacy program to spark student conversation on mental health. story by Emily Hormann | photography fair use The lights of the cafeteria are bright,...

GSA poster

Can’t Tear Us Down

Mia Hilkowitz June 1, 2019

East Freshman Madison LeQuire is just one of several to experience the recent vandalism of Gender and Sexuality Alliance (GSA) posters at the East Freshman campus. story by Mia Hilkowitz | photography...

vivica heidenreich, anna mullins, meredith niemann, abby bammerlin, rebecca breland, masculinity, toxic masculinity, spark, lakota east spark, dean hume

Man Up!

May 16, 2019

story vivica heidenreich photography | meredith niemann | infographic anna mullins For some, high school is a concrete oasis, overflowing with the empathy radiating from their peers. Around every...

abby bammerlin, mckenna lewis, masculinity, toxic masculinity, spark, lakota east spark, dean hume

Growing Up Gendered

May 15, 2019

story and photography  by abby bammerlin | art by mckenna lewis He lifts up his brush with the delicacy of an artist. His wrist flicks up as he applies the last bit of crimson red eye...

jessica jones, selena chen, alexandra fernholz, masculinity, lakota spark, lakota east spark, dean hume, divorce

Divorcing a Myth

May 15, 2019

story by Jessica Jones | infographic by Selena Chen | art by Alexandra Fernholz Separated parents have been the norm for him since he can remember. His parents have been divorced since he was two years...

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