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toxic masculinity, masculinity, gillette ad, rebecca breland, alexandra fernholz, dean hume, lakota east spark, spark, abby bammerlin

Boys of Today, Men of Tomorrow

May 14, 2019

story rebecca breland | art alexandra fernholz | photography fair use The National Football League (NFL) football season ends on football fans’ biggest Sunday of the year: Superbowl Sunday. As everyone...

ryan kmieske, lauren maier, rebecca breland, abby bammerlin, dean hume, lakota spark, masculinity, lakota spark masculinity, lakota east spark, spark

Fashioning His Way

May 14, 2019

Walking down the hallway, East senior Ryan Kmieske heads to his next period. Heads turn as they see him strutting a daunting outfit consisting of black bulky leather boots, paired with jet black...

lauren maier, ekra khalid, abby bammerlin, rebecca breland, masculinity, toxic masculinity, lakota east spark, spark, dean hume

Home on the Road

May 14, 2019

story ekra khalid | photography and infographic lauren maier Her father made sure that his kids were going to spend their last summer in an extraordinary way. From surfing the oceans...

shiloh wolfork, caroline bumgarner, alexandra fernholz, abby bammerlin, rebecca breland, masculinity, toxic masculinity, spark, lakota east spark, dean hume

Road to Body Positive

May 13, 2019

story by Shiloh Wolfork | infographic by Caroline Bumgarner | art by Alexandra Fernholz It’s just another day. He wakes up and at first everything appears normal. Until he looks into the mirror...

bea amsalu, alexandra fernholz, lakota east, lakota east spark, valedictorian, graduation

Classroom Competition

May 13, 2019

story by Bea Amsalu | infographic by Rebecca Breland | photography by Alexandra Fernholz As East recognizes two valedictorians of the senior class for the first time ever, other local high schools are...

meredith niemann, isis summerlin, masculinity, moeller, st x, spark, lakota east spark, dean hume

For the Boys

May 13, 2019

story by Isis Summerlin | photography by Meredith Niemann Every other year, students at Moeller attend a retreat to bond with their peers. Moeller senior Dean Joseph (DJ) Tower reflects on the lasting...

juul, juuling, lakota east, lakota east spark, advertisement, alexandra fernholz, isis summerlin, dean hume

The Smokescreen

April 17, 2019

story by Alexandra Fernholz | photography by Isis Summerlin *denotes name change A plume of vapor rises from the lips of a young model who stares sultrily into the camera, one hand on her hip and the...

juuling, juul, Lakota east, lakota east spark, dean hume, anna mullins, alexandra fernholz

The Nico-Teens

March 1, 2019

story by Anna Mullins | photography by Alexandra Fernholz | infographic by Gracie Estep *denotes name change The room is dark. The only light comes from string lights lying across the floor, basking...

kaya west, abby bammerlin, shiloh wolfork, lakota east, lakota east spark, dean hume

Plugged In

January 27, 2019

story by Shiloh Wolfork | photo illustration by Abby Bammerlin East junior Kaya West explains the impact social media has on her. She has just arrived at home. While eating an after-school snack, she...

Sami Barbro Eating Disorder Bulemic Anorexic bulimia story by gabbie Behrmann photography by Sidney li and Meredith niemann

Eating Disorder

May 18, 2018

Story by Gabbie Behrmann | Photography by Meredith Niemann and Sidney Li It’s Friday night, around dinner time. Hungry guests are stalking their way through the front doors of Brio Tuscan Grille, like...

Lakota East Spark Lakota East High School Spark Photography by Meredith Niemann Newsmagazine Samadhi Marapane journalism culture journalism dean hume osma

The Dreams of Citizens

May 3, 2018

Story by Samadhi Marapane | Photography Used with Permission Her birthplace has always been Veracruz, Mexico. Yet, when Xavier University junior Heyra Avila was four-years-old, she moved to the United...

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