Chicago: Midterm Voters

Story by Karaline Abney, Regan Denham and Landon Meador | Photos by Karaline Abney and Regan Denham | Infographic by Landon Meador 

In the downtown district of the windy city, Chicago, the city is bustling with locals moving from shop to shop before work. Friday morning was just another day for thousands of Americans who will get the chance to skip the lines and vote early.

Jaslyne, 25, is a Chicago native who does not plan to vote and is proud to admit that. She says “It doesn’t really matter if we vote or not… it’s really black and white here in America.”

For Jaslyne, her view on voting is for voting in favor of a party or against a party, not just for single candidates or issues. According to the PEW Research Center, 66% of Americans believe that their vote is a vote against President Trump and his administration.

However, John and Aleigh, a Chicago couple find comfort in voice their opinions knowing it will reflect the population better and allow for change. “[Voting] is important. You have a say what goes on in your country” John said. Aleigh added, “I am planning to vote tomorrow, it gives me a voice!”

The PEW Research Center polled hundreds of Americans during the 2016 Presidential Election and found that nearly 50% said they knew the information, while a staggering 20% had “no clue” about issues pertaining to them. However, a grassroots website, attempts to inform voters before going to the polls.

“It is very important to vote,” says Michael W., a local businessman, “being informed and making informed decisions is what democracy is about.”

Even those who are far from home have ways to vote offered from their local Board of Elections office.

Angie, who was in Chicago on a business trip had voted early via an absentee ballot. “I feel it’s an important part of our civil right… we are given a chance to voice our opinions and make a difference. So why not be a part of that opportunity?”

During this election, make sure to take the necessary steps to vote:

Make sure you’re registered! For Ohio residents, you can go to

Make sure you know where, when and what to bring when you vote! For those questions and many more, visit for more information!

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Remember to Vote on November 6!


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