By Emma Stiefel

On Jan. 12 East students had the opportunity to attend College and Career Night from 6-8 p.m.  The event included presentations on topics such as college admissions and standardized test taking, as well as several booths from local colleges and other post-secondary institutions.

“We’re always looking for ways to get information to parents and students about college and career and military options,” East Principal Suzanna Davis said.  “And so several years ago the decision was made to hold an event such as this so that many topics could be covered in a conference-like setting that gives parents and students a choice as to what they are personally attached to.”

In addition to helping students prepare for life after high school, the event also included resources to help students interpret their PSAT scores.

“As we move forward with the PSAT administration oftentimes we’ve seen a disconnect between the utilization of those scores or any meaningful dialogue,” Davis said.  “We certainly hope that people see a benefit in learning how to utilize the scores for students to inform decision making and or career choices as they move on.”

East junior Mitchell Plumley, who attended College and Career Night to learn more about the National Guard and other post-secondary options, appreciated that the event gave him an opportunity to “talk to people who are here to help you do what you want to do and find out what you want to do.”

“Instead of figuring this out on your own and not having a lot of support,” Plumley said.  “This helps you find out from them what you can do and get help.”

Sinclair Community College Representative Beon Banks believed events like East’s College and Career Night help students by presenting them with a variety of options for the future.

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