By Gabbie Behrmann and Dani Dudash | Photography by Gabbie Behrmann and Dani Dudash

East’s annual club fair was held on Wednesday August 31st during Extra Help, giving Main Campus students an opportunity to learn more about extracurricular activities such as Theater, Latin Club, Science Olympiad and more.

East sophomore Anna Schambow was one of the many students that walked around the fair. Out of all the different clubs, a few stuck out to her.

“I’m interested in Operation Hawks and Gay Straight Alliance,” Schambow said. “They both seem really fun and different from the other clubs. It’s really cool how Gay Straight Alliance is accepting of everyone and not exclusive.”


Senior members of the East Science Olympiad team display their medals and trophies at the East Club Fair.

East sophomore Adia Reed, a friend of Schambow’s, agrees.

“Science Olympiad and Gay Straight Alliance look awesome,”  Reed said. “I love science in general, so I’ll be looking into [Science Olympiad].”

LEAF Club President and East junior Debi Kaur is hoping the club fair will bring in some new recruits to help spread awareness around the school about environmental issues

“Our club mission statement is to improve our school and improve our natural world,” Kaur said.  “By kids taking a little time out of their day, and learning some simple skills, we can truly make a difference.”


Members of the East Robotics team manuevered one of their creations around the fair.

From helping the community, to expressing creativity the Spoken Word Club has allowed students to express their talent on stage since 2014. Spoken Word Club President and East senior Bemni Amsalu says she thinks the club fair will help incoming students learn about, and hopefully join, the club.

“My favorite part [of Spoken Word Club] is just seeing how talented people are when they don’t even know it.” Amsalu said. “It’s nice to see first timers just blossom on stage and it’s a great way to build confidence while seeing other people’s perspectives on life.”

Correction: Nov. 8, 2016

Debi Kaur’s name was incorrectly spelled “Debbie Kaur.”

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