Editorial Board



Michael Croy

Art Director
Graphics Editor





Julianne Ford

Writing Managing Editor
News Editor
Sports Editor






Lexy Harrison

Writing Managing Editor
Feature Editor






Vivian Kolks

Business Team Manager
Opinion Editor

When me and my fellow Editor-in-Chief Julianne Ford were in fourth grade, we started our own magazine, creatively titled “Today’s Magazine.” Now, eight years later, I’m still doing what I’ve always loved to do-writing about real stories that actually impact the community around me.



Sidney Li

Writing Managing Editor
Culture Editor
Package Editor

As I joined Spark three years ago out of pure curiosity and a crave for writing, my mere 14-year-old sophomore self had no idea what I was in for in this journalistic journey. Now here I am as co-Editor-in-Chief with three other people that I consider more than friends but family. Not only that, being a package editor has taught me so much more about myself and preparing for the “adult” world that we all aspire to be in than any of my other classes. Spark allowed me to not only voice my opinion but gave me an outlet to press on dire issues that no one else would talk about. I know I am prepared for any major in college—even if it isn’t journalism—with my experiences in room 118.

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