Compiled by Cristina Francisco | Art by Sarah Aftab

1. With You Forever – Haliia

An alluring voice captivates and enhances the lyrics that focus on being with one’s significant other through everything.

“ I’ll be with you forever/No matter what they say/I’ll be with you forever/Even though the mess we’ve made/And even if we fight/It’s usually my fault…”

2. Future Love – The Palms

The pleasant and smooth voice is coupled with piano sounds and softly written lyrics to create a relaxed atmosphere.

“Cause everybody’s gonna try to bring you down/Baby when you’re holding on to something they can’t take away from you/So just keep holding on, yea/Future love will take us to the stars

Set us free to become who we are/Don’t want to live in a world that pulls itself apart…”

3. Don’t Believe You – Thief

Electronic soft pop sounds remixed with techno beats fulfill a listener’s desire of spaced out tunes.

“Take a lesson from the liar/Take a lesson from the thief/Don’t build your house upon a promise that you/Just don’t plan to keep/I don’t believe you/You got another thief coming…”

4. Drop the Game – Flume

A deep voice is featured in this track and is combined with distinct background vocals and echoed sounds.

I’ve been seeing all, I’ve been seeing your soul/Give me things that I wanted to know/Tell me thing that you’ve done/I’ve been feeling old, I’ve been feeling cold/You’re the heat that I know/See, you are my sun…”

5. Sign of the Times – Harry Styles

A gentle beginning opens the song immediately creating a hushed feeling of nostalgia. The vocal range delivered throughout the song enhances the meaningful lyrics.

“Just stop your crying/Have the time of your life/Breaking through the atmosphere/And things are pretty good from here…”

6. Tell Me What You Want from Me – Good Old War (Acoustic)

Throughout the track low and faint guitar strums create an eased mood for the listener.

“I don’t know why love is worth the pain/Is it better I feel something/Someone else will do the same thing/So there’s no point in running…”

7. From Nowhere – Dan Croll

Alternative pop vibes are featured in this song with pensive lyrics.

“Every now and then I fall/Every now and then I lose control/In your eyes I see your thoughts surrounding me/And I’ve a little bit of thought for you…”

8. What You Know – Two Door Cinema Club

This song can be featured in the genre of dance-punk as it captures feelings of free-will and revival.

“I am leaving, this is starting to feel like/It’s right before my eyes/And I can taste it, it’s my sweet beginning/And I can tell just what you want/You don’t want to be alone…”

9. Doin’ it Right – Daft Punk ft Panda Bear

Electronic dance sensations are felt throughout the song and are combined with optimistic lyrics. Both aspects of the song serve to make the listener feel better about making mistakes.

“If you do it right/Let it go all night/Shadows on you break/Out into the light/If you lose your way tonight/That’s how you know the magic’s right…”