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Black Lives Matter Protest Moves to West Chester

June 4, 2020

reporting by Regan Denham | videography by Brayden Barger Following the deaths of George Floyd and other African Americans, peaceful demonstrations have been organized throughout the country to bring...

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Storytime With a Lakota Principal

February 26, 2020

reporting by Regan Denham | story by Natalie Mazey | videography by Brayden Barger Once a month, IKEA is not just the place where people can buy anything from swedish meatballs to coffee tables.  After...

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Lakota One-to-One Tech: One Year Later

January 20, 2020

camera work and editing by Brayden Barger | reporting by Nicco Morello SBN takes you to the scene of the Innovation Hub where one year has passed since Lakota intially launched the #WEareEMPOWERED initiative....

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First Days

August 23, 2019

by Brayden Barger and Nicco Morello Students returning to Lakota East for the first day of the 2019-2020 school year were able to participate in a variety of activities as part of The Amazing Race, which...

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