Compiled by Cristina Francisco | Art by Sarah Aftab

1. Everytime – Broods

A dazed voice is interlaced with lyrics that speak of an entrapping love.

“’Cause it’s never your fault/When you’re keeping your knees clean/And sorry’s below you/It’s always me, always me/If it breaks your heart/It would break my heart…”

2. Fire Rides – MO

Its enticing beginning starts off with a voice that crescendos into a powerhouse.

“What am I to do in my room?/Look at the walls turning yellow/What am I to do in the city?

If I can’t have it all and I just wanna feel pity…”

3. All Time Low – Jon Bellion

Electro sounds infused with pop tunes to create a party song.

“I was the knight in shining armour in your movie/Would put your lips on mine and love the aftertaste/Now I’m a ghost, I call your name, you look right through me…”

4. Past Lives – BORNS

The alluring sounds transcend into a funk pop song which features catchy lyrics.

“Past lives couldn’t ever come between us/Some time the dreamers finally wake up…”

5. Begin – BTS

The song has a seductive soft voice with riveting sounds.

“Now I can’t even imagine myself who used to have no scent, who used to be empty…”

6. DKLA – Troye Sivan

The track has trap influences with a rap mix.

Play it back then press rewind/To when you traced your fingers drew my spine/Lost its beat and so I find/I starve my heart of touch and time…”