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Determined Dexter

Allie Haucke January 29, 2024

East sophomore and right fielder Krystalin Wagner batting against Simon Kenton ending in a 16-4 Thunderhawk loss.

Overhand to Underhand

Macie Manzardo, Staff Contributor June 1, 2023

STORY MACIE MANZARDO | PHOTOGRAPHY USED WITH PERMISSION | INFOGRAPHIC CARA RAIFORD At 14, Krystalin Wagner steps up to bat. Now she hears the familiar snarky comments made by the parents around her. She...

Lena and Greg James prepare for their upcoming meet together, on and off the track.

Twins on Track

Leah Arnett, Staff Contributor June 1, 2023

STORY LEAH ARNETT | PHOTOGRAPHY AND INFOGRAPHIC CARA RAIFORD Sitting in class, they would count down the minutes until recess. Once the bell rang, the two fifth graders bolted outside of Winton Woods...

Flying Through a Dream

Flying Through a Dream

Marin Jones, Writer April 5, 2023

STORY MARIN JONES PHOTOGRAPHY CARA RAIFORD Jason Vinson grew up around the military. His father was an active member throughout most of his childhood. He was born in Hawaii and was constantly moving....



Ezri Colpi, Culture Editor December 5, 2022

STORY EZRI COLPI PHOTOGRAPHY ANDIE MADDING | INFOGRAPHIC RILEY GROSNICKLE In a small high school classroom, two opponents sit at a desk, facing each other in a battle of the minds. Carefully, a set...

What’s the Scoop?

What’s the Scoop?

Andie Madding, Feature and Broadcast Editor November 22, 2022

STORY ANDIE MADDING PHOTOGRAPHY AUDREY ALLEN It started out as a random phone call to friends, but it ended up the realization of a dream.   “{We had friends} that owned a brewery in Cherry...

A Surprise to Paris

A Surprise to Paris

Audrey Allen October 20, 2021

STORY AUDREY ALLEN | PHOTOGRAPHY USED WITH PERMISSION East junior Lizzie Adkins stands in awe in front of the Eiffel Tower. Adkins gazes at the 984-foot iron landmark and sighs happily. She reaches for...

East senior Bitsy Summers ad Multiple Disability Intervention Specialist Ellen Bowmann read a story to help Summers with memory recall skills.

Engaging Education

Marleigh Winterbottom May 28, 2021

STORY AND PHOTOGRAPHY MARLEIGH WINTERBOTTOM East Special Education student Tyler Holliday and his Instructional Attendant Kathy Guckenbergur sit at their isolated table in the middle of the classroom...

Through her teaching, East Government teacher Tisha Grote-Menchhoffer encourages her students to become civically engaged beyond the classroom while building a positive environment that motivates them to believe in the power of their unique potential.

Tisha Grote

January 1, 2021

story by Shiloh Wolfork | photography by Riley Higgins Growing up, Tisha Grote-Menchhoffer (Mench) was always surrounded by politics. Her friends and family had graduated at the top of their classes from...

maddie cramer, dean hume, kelly johantges, lakota east spark, spark, coronavirus

The Trio

June 16, 2020

personal narrative by Maddie Cramer | art by Kelly Johantges I think it’s safe to say that most people’s relationships have changed quite a bit since Ohio Gov. Mike Dewine issued the stay at home...

leannicholas hetterich, nick hetterich, alexandra fernholz, lakota east spark, spark, dean hume, spark coronavirus, coronavirus liberty township, liberty township, ohio

Fitness for You

May 24, 2020

story by Nicholas Hetterich | art by Alexandra Fernholz With little to do during this pandemic, Dan McCallister is challenging the community to get in better shape. McCallister is the father of Lakota...

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