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Vitalizing for Warriors

Story by Megan Finke Experiences such as running through trenches, navigating through dense jungles or riding a naval ship across the Atlan...

FC Kicks it in Cincy

Story by Julianne Ford | Photography Used with Permission This story was originally published in Spark Issue #176 It’s a Saturday at Nip...


Under the Influence

Story by Sophia Spivey | Photo Illustration by Maya Wells | Infographic by Lexy Harrison In order to research for this story, Sophia Spivey...


DIY Seasonal Mason Jar Lights Lakota East Spark Online Craft and Photography by Gabbie Behrmann

DIY Mason Jar Lights

Craft and Photography by Gabbie Behrman Painted mason jars are the perfect festive solution for simple holiday décor. This easy craft is a ...

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