Kaya West thunderhawk takes DC lakota east spark online magazine lakota east caroline bumgarner abby bammerlin

Thunderhawk takes D.C.

story by caroline bumgarner | photography by abby bammerlin Every year on the day after election day, East government teacher Tisha Grote e...
Lakota East spark newsmagazine dean hume kate harvey girls basketball against vs colerain

East vs. St. Xavier

story and photography by Kate Harvey East Men’s Basketball suffered their first loss of the season to St. Xavier in a painful 45-42 nail-bi...


Neiderman Family Farm Feature Paintball Country Story by Michael Szczepkowski Photography Fair Use and Used with Permission Lakota East Spark Newsmagazine Online Sowing Joy Art by Tyler Bonawitz

Sowing Joy

Story by Michael Szczepkowski | Photography used with Permission | Art by Tyler Bonawitz Travel far enough down Lesourdsville West Chester...

A Woman of Excellence

Story By Rebecca Breland | Photography Sidney Li Driving to Lakota East at 7:30 in the morning was the highlight of her day. It wasn’t beca...


Sami Barbro Eating Disorder Bulemic Anorexic bulimia story by gabbie Behrmann photography by Sidney li and Meredith niemann

Eating Disorder

Story by Gabbie Behrmann | Photography by Meredith Niemann and Sidney Li It’s Friday night, around dinner time. Hungry guests are stalking ...
Lakota East Spark Lakota East High School Spark Photography by Meredith Niemann Newsmagazine Samadhi Marapane journalism culture journalism dean hume osma

The Dreams of Citizens

Story by Samadhi Marapane | Photography Used with Permission Her birthplace has always been Veracruz, Mexico. Yet, when Xavier University j...


aquaman rebecca holst review holst lakota east high school

Aquaman Review

review by rebecca holst | photography fair use A little over a year ago, Detective Comics (DC) and Warner Brothers showcased “Justice Leagu...

Music and Movie Reviews


Amy Bohorfoush Opinion Column art by McKenna Lewis

Call of Civic Duty

Column by Amy Bohorfoush | Art by McKenna Lewis After patiently waiting 18 interminable years, I took my first turn at the voting booth. I ...


Shredding the Slopes

Story By Stone Shields | Art By Tyler Bonawitz | Infographic By Anna Mullins The icy wind is chilling to the core as he shoots down the sno...

More than Just a Sport

Story by Broc Nordmark | Photography by Richard Giang | Infography by Lucas Fields It’s dead silent. The only sound is the sound of the a...
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