Tisha Grote

story by Shiloh Wolfork | photography by Riley Higgins Growing up, Tisha Grote-Menchhoffer (Mench) was always surrounded by politics. Her f...


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More than a Hashtag

story by Mia hilkowitz | photography fair use “Hands up.”  “Don’t shoot.”  The Cincinnatians chant the phrase for hours, their voices...


It’s Better Than OK

review Riley Higgins | art Mary Barone Every weekend from June 20 to Aug. 9 in 2020 was marked by the opening chords of "Sketch Book" by Ja...


Political Science

story by Riley Higgins | photography by Abbie Westendorf | art by Shiloh Wolfork Flipping through the daily mail after school one afternoon...


No Pain, No Gain

STORY EVIE COLPI | PHOTOGRAPHY BEN STOWE The sign centered on the red brick building with large, bold, white letters reading “Fitworks Gym”...

Battle of the Bloodline

STORY BEN STOWE | PHOTOGRAPHY RILEY HIGGINS As the final seconds run out on the clock, the scoreboard reads five to six. East’s boys lacros...
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