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Distance Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

Distance Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

Rista Dahal, Staff April 27, 2023

STORY RISTA DAHAL PHOTOGRAPHY USED WITH PERMISSION   AVA FABIAN She embraces her friends in the lobby of her middle school, exchanging tearful goodbyes and promises to always stay in...

Back to the Drawing Board

Back to the Drawing Board


Junior Camden Frazier (left) and senior Jaiden Palmore-Lett work on an assignment in fifth bell Cyber One.

Security Savvy

Audrey Allen December 27, 2021

STORY AND PHOTOGRAPHY AUDREY ALLEN INFOGRAPHIC EZRI COLPI He smells the donuts before he even sees them. His six teammates gather around the box filled with cream sticks and glazed favorites, in preparation...

School Board Reshaped

School Board Reshaped

Natalie Mazey December 22, 2021

STORY NATALIE MAZEY PHOTOGRAPHY MARLEIGH WINTERBOTTOM The November 2021 election saw an unprecedented eight candidates vying for the three open positions on the Lakota Board of Education. Darbi Boddy...

Fourth grade Woodland teacher Stephanie Pare works with students in her integrated classroom.

A Turn In Teaching

Megan Miranda December 22, 2021

STORY MEGAN MIRANDA PHOTOGRAPHY MARLEIGH WINTERBOTTOM INFOGRAPHIC ZAK KLAASSEN Stephanie Pare walks over to a group of gifted students. They are curious about the rigorous workload in front of them....

East junior Kelsey Retzsch uses her laptop to complete her school work and research.

Tech But No Support

Natalie Mazey October 21, 2021

STORY AND INFOGRAPHIC NATALIE MAZEY PHOTOGRAPHY RILEY HIGGINS Donovan Sweeten was thrilled to be taking Honors Chemistry, a class full of experimentation and hands-on learning. When the East junior checked...

East senior Dania Hantush attends a virtual therapy appointment.

The Doctor is Logged In

Mia Hilkowitz October 21, 2021

STORY AND INFOGRAPHIC MIA HILKOWITZ PHOTOGRAPHY RILEY HIGGINS Usually when Megan Davis turns on her school-issued Chromebook, it’s to complete her AP homework or to check her schedule for marching...

East senior McKenzie Watson has been learning virtually since March 2020.

Beyond the Cinder Block Walls

Marleigh Winterbottom October 20, 2021

STORY AND INFOGRAPHIC MARLEIGH WINTERBOTTOM PHOTOGRAPHY RILEY HIGGINS For the first 10 years of her education, East senior McKenzie Watson spent everyday in her familiar school desk and chair, listening...

East students Kaleb Flood, Erin Cooney, and Mia Kamphuis use their school-issued chromebooks in their fitness evaluation class. 46% of Lakotas COVID-19 expenses were related to technology.

Funding Our Future

Natalie Mazey October 20, 2021

STORY NATALIE MAZEY PHOTOGRAPHY MARY BARONE The Ohio legislature approved the Fair School Funding Plan, a $75 billion comprehensive overhaul of Ohio school funding on Jun. 28, 2021. Lawmakers approved...

Physician at Hiltop OBGYN Heather Hilkowitz (left) is administered her first dose of the Moderna vaccine by Chief Nursing and Operating Officer at Atrium Medical Center Marquita Turner (right).

A Return to Normal

Mia Hilkowitz May 28, 2021

STORY, PHOTOGRAPHY, AND INFOGRAPHIC MIA HILKOWITZ East junior Aya Darwiche’s favorite thing about Thanksgiving has always been the food. Every year, her family has come together to celebrate and, like...

Cincinnati Childrens Hospital has begun trials studying the COVID-19 vaccine in children ages 12 to 15 years old.

One More Shot

Mia Hilkowitz May 28, 2021

  STORY MIA HILKOWITZ | PHOTOGRAPHY RILEY HIGGINS | INFOGRAPHIC CAITLIN O'DONNELL Since the COVID-19 vaccine was approved for emergency authorization use in Dec. 2020, biomedical companies like...

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More than a Hashtag

Mia Hilkowitz June 24, 2020

story by Mia hilkowitz | photography fair use “Hands up.”  “Don’t shoot.”  The Cincinnatians chant the phrase for hours, their voices echoing throughout the city. As the over 4,000 protestors...

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