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Spark Online is the online edition of the print magazine produced at Lakota East High School. The magazine is completely non-profit and student-generated through the efforts of the Journalism I, Journalism II and Journalism III-Honors classes. The publication material may not always reflect the views of the Lakota Local School District or the publication as a whole. Content is controlled and edited by the staff editors. The staff will publish only legally protected speech adhering to the legal definitions of libel, obscenity and invasions of privacy.  Production costs are recovered through advertising, subscription sales and fundraisers. The purpose of Spark is to inform the students, faculty, and community members of news, information and issues that may influence or affect them.

2021-2022 Editorial Staff

Chiefs: Mia Hilkowitz & Riley Higgins

News: Natalie Mazey & Megan Miranda

Feature: Marleigh Winterbottom

Package: Abbey Bahan & Zach Shultz

Culture: Ianni Acapulco & Andie Madding

Sports: Evie Colpi & Ben Stowe

Opinion: Olivia Rigney & Rehab Jarabah

Photography: Audrey Allen

Art & Graphics: Mary Barone

Business: Riley Higgins & Caleb Vanatta

Online: Mia Hilkowitz + Mary Barone