evie colpi, alexandra fernholz, dean hume, lakota east spark, spark, lakota

Not All Heroes Wear Capes

story by evie colpi | art by alexandra fernholz What started as a news headline from across the world has escalated into a global pandemic with over 5 million ...
rehab jarabah, alexandra fernholz, dean hume, coronavirus, lakota, lakota east spark, spark, al zaytuna grill

A Dream on Pause

story by rehab jarabah | art by alexandra fernholz Ding-dong.  That’s the sound that tells me a customer has walked in. It’s also the sound I tend to hear b...
emily hormann, cassandra mueller, dean hume, cat cafe, kitty brew cat cafe, mason ohio, mason cat cafe, lakota east spark, spark

One Cat at a Time

story by Emily Hormann | photography by Cassandra Muller Across the entire room, cats can be seen playing, sleeping, and perking up their whiskers. In one corn...
le mis, les miseables, aronoff, anna mullins, michelle dowdy, isis summerlin, dean hume, matthew murphy, lakota east spark, spark

Behind the Scenes

story by Anna Mullins | photography by Isis Summerlin and Fair Use A small group gathers on the sidewalk patiently waiting. Excitement builds as the first few ...
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