aquaman rebecca holst review holst lakota east high school

Aquaman Review

review by rebecca holst | photography fair use A little over a year ago, Detective Comics (DC) and Warner Brothers showcased “Justice League” directed by Zack ...
culture personal narrative band anna mullins

The Prep Before the March

personal narrative by anna mullins | photography used with permission I huddled around a speaker, waiting with bated breath alongside the rest of the marching ...
Locker shelf DIY Lakota East High School Spark newsmagazine online

DIY: DIWhy Not

DIY by Kelly Johantges | Photography by Bea Amsalu | Art by Bryce Forren Lockers at East are great, but the lack of shelves makes it hard to keep books organiz...
Sami Barbro Eating Disorder Bulemic Anorexic bulimia story by gabbie Behrmann photography by Sidney li and Meredith niemann

Eating Disorder

Story by Gabbie Behrmann | Photography by Meredith Niemann and Sidney Li It’s Friday night, around dinner time. Hungry guests are stalking their way through th...
Arrival Review by Abby Bammerlin Movie Review Culture Lakota East Spark Newsmagazine newspaper student news journalism student journalism Lakota East Lakota Local Schools Cincinnati Ohio Dean Hume culture


Review by Abby Bammerlin | Art by Bryce Forren When aliens touch down on our flag-loving soil, we expect a declaration of war, mind-numbing explosions and unne...
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