Compiled by Cristina Francisco | Art by Sarah Aftab

1. A Change of Heart – The 1975

Strong influences from the 80’s, the British alternative pop song soothes and relaxes you into a floating phase.

“For goodness sake, I wasn’t told you’d be this cold…”

2. Inside of Love – Nada Surf

Silent guitar sounds paired with soft unique vocals, this song calls for relaxing nights.

“I wanna know what it’s like on the inside of love, I’m standing at the gates I see the beauty above…”

3. Do You Realize?? – The Flaming Lips

Inspirational lyrics take you on a trip through your psyche.

“Do you realize that you have the most beautiful face? Do you realize we’re floating in space?”

4. State of My Head – Shinedown

With rock sounds and controlled vocals this track provides listeners with feelings of rebellion and empowerment.

“They don’t know, where we’ve been, we got that concrete street skin…”

5. Bad Things – Jace Everett

With country influenced vocals and seductive background sounds it’s a song you’ll want to sink your teeth into.

“When you came in, the air went out and all those shadows there filled up with doubt”

6. Fake Love – Drake

Powered with techno beats and catchy lyrics, this track speaks of insincere love.

“Vibe switch like night and day, I can see it like right away. I came up, you changed up, I caught that whole play…”

7. My Tears Are Becoming A Sea – M83

This song captures melancholy piano sounds with meaningful lyrics that invokes a feel-good mood.

“The stars and the planets are calling me a billion years away from you…”

8. Amsterdam – Coldplay

Piano paired with hushed tones, this track brings a feeling of nostalgia to every listener.

“But time is on your side, it’s on your side now, not pushing you down and all around, it’s no cause for concern…”

9. WILD – Troye ft. Alessia Cara

An easy listening ballad that takes you on a journey with a boy and his lover.

“White noise in my mind won’t calm down, you’re all I think about…”

10. Still Into You – Paramore

An upbeat, punk-rock anthem about the longevity love.

“Can’t count the years on one hand that we’ve been together, I need the other one to hold you…”

11. Roman Candle – The Crookes

This track features continuous upbeat sounds that can kickstart anyone into a blissful mood.

“Fireworks and new skies explode anti-clockwise from the past there’s no use in looking back…”

12. Sweater Weather- The Neighborhood

A throwback jam to get you in the cozy, autumn mood.

“Use the sleeves on my sweater, let’s have an adventure, head in the clouds but my gravity centered…”

13. Handshake – Two Door Cinema Club

This upbeat tune features multi layered vocals that conjures euphoric feelings.

“So when nobody will take you back and you’ll never find love in an open hand, shut your eyes and you’ll see I’m there…”

14. Put Your Money On Me – The Struts

With a slow building beat and catchy chorus, plug this song in and roll the windows down.

“Let’s start a revolution, this ain’t no illusion…”

15. Nonstop – Original Broadway Cast of Hamilton

This track features catchy beats paired with rap lyrics about post-revolution America.

“Why do you write like it’s going out of style? Write day and night like it’s going out of style?”

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