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Back to School Bash

August 5, 2019

photography and captions by Alexandra Fernholz | additional interviews by Rebecca Breland Lakota's second annual Summer Block Party took place at The Park, The Square, and Sabin Hall at Liberty Center...

liberty township, 4th of july, lakota, lakota east, lakota east spark, alexandra fernholz, dean hume

Red, White, and Liberty

July 5, 2019

Story and photography by Alexandra Fernholz The July morning was hot and overcast, but still the people gathered. A little sweaty and very excited, they looked down the road, waiting for the first float...

spark, lakota east, sports, dean hume, gillian dombrowski, lauren maier, photography

Hurdle and the Horse

March 22, 2019

story and photography by Lauren Maier During East sophomore Gillian Dombrowski's six a.m. routine practice, Dombrowski slowly warms up her horse Odessa before she makes the final jump over the hurdle....

LEAF Club plants trees and flowers 2017 Lakota East Photography by Kara Harris

LEAF Club Landscapes East

October 25, 2017

Photography by Kara Harris On October 21, Lakota East’s Environmental Advocates Forum (LEAF) Club hosted a tree planting event at East Main Campus. The goal was, with the help of a grant from Duke Energy,...

Mole Day 2017 Chemistry Class Lakota East Photography by Caroline Bumgarner Molar Eclipse

Lakota East Celebrates “Mole Day”

October 25, 2017

Photography by Caroline Bumgarner This was the first time East celebrated “Mole Day”, a day in honor of the scientist Avogadro’s number 6.02 x10^23, the number of particles in one mole of a substance,...

GSA Ally Week Lakota East High School Cincinnati Ohio by Lakota East Spark Online at Lakota East High School Newsmagazine Written and Photographed by Charis Williams

GSA’s Ally Week

October 11, 2017

Story and Photography by Charis Williams East students participate in Ally Week, hosted by East’s Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) with the support of The Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network (GLSEN),...

“I think its energizing, I think its optimistic. Hes the change I think we need.”—Rhonda Drewry, Trump supporter

Cincinnati Trump Rally

October 19, 2016

Story by Emma Stiefel | Photography by Emma Stiefel and Garrison Grasty A rally was held for presidential candidate Donald Trump at the US Bank Arena in downtown Cincinnati on Thursday, Oct. 13.

“They took really good care of it.  Even though it was an old building it was in really good shape.  When we moved to the new building we missed it because it had more of a quaint community feel to it.”—Cathy Sieber, Speech Language Pathologist at Old Union Elementary for 12 Years

Old Union Walkthrough

Emma Stiefel August 26, 2016

By Emma Stiefel Before its demolition, Old Union Elementary was opened for a final walkthrough on August 12. The West Chester/Liberty Township Historical Society and Lakota Local School District welcomed...

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