Cincinnati Trump Rally

A rally was held for presidential candidate Donald Trump at the US Bank Arena in downtown Cincinnati on Thursday, Oct. 13. Many people protested Trump’s candidacy outside of the rally. Allen Marcum (right), who came to the rally in support of Trump. “I like Donald Trump because he says what a lot of people are thinking. I like the fact that he's not politically correct. I like his policies on immigration.”—Allen Marcum, Trump supporter “I think there's a lot of corruption in Washington. I just honestly think the country needs a change.”—Allen Marcum, Trump supporter Tom Kellerman (left) and Vic Schramd (right), who both came to the rally to support Trump. “We're Trump supporters all the way, and we're hoping that he can make the country great again.”—Tom Kellerman, Trump supporter “I think it was a wonderfully rally. There were so many people here and not even everyone could get in. There were 21,000 here and 7,000 couldn't get in [according to Trump], and to me that's heartwarming.”—Vic Schramd, Trump supporter “We're a part of history. I think this could be a very interesting time that we might want to tell our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren about.”—Vic Schramd, Trump supporter Daniel Funk (not pictured) also came to the rally as a Trump supporter. “He's the first politician to come out and actually call the Democrats’ bluff in my opinion,” Funk said. “It's all been lies and now it’s all coming out against Hillary.” “I worked on the Romney campaign. I liked Romney but he was too wishy-washy and that's why he lost. He let the Democrats run all over him.”—Daniel Funk, Trump supporter A supporter reacts to Trump’s speech. Rhonda Drewry, who attended the rally to support Trump. “I think it's energizing, I think it's optimistic. He's the change I think we need.”—Rhonda Drewry, Trump supporter The inside of the arena after Trump’s exit. Police walk through the crowd of protesters and Trump supporters outside the rally. A protestor holds a sign outside the rally. Aaron Gabriel Meyer (left), who protested against Trump outside of the rally. “I really am not that enthused about both of the candidates. I’m not really a Hillary supporter as much as I don’t think I could take a risk with Trump. I believe Trump could set the end of the world in motion.”—Roger, Trump protester Roger (left), who declined to give his last name, also protested against Trump outside the rally. “I came to the rally to spread love and encourage truth and help teach people what's actually going on in the world. A lot of the people who are here at the Trump rally actually have a very limited view of the world and it's up to all of us to help spread truth and spread love.”—Aaron Gabriel Meyer, Trump protester

Story by Emma Stiefel | Photography by Emma Stiefel and Garrison Grasty

A rally was held for presidential candidate Donald Trump at the US Bank Arena in downtown Cincinnati on Thursday, Oct. 13.