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Spark Package Editor Mia Hilkowitz discusses the implications of minors being tried as adults in the US criminal justice system.

A Stolen Youth

Mia Hilkowitz December 11, 2020

story by Mia Hilkowitz | photography by Riley Higgins | art by Shiloh Wolfork Rodney Hulin Jr. was 17 years old when he committed suicide in his Brazoria County Federeal Prision cell.  Two years before...

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Safety, Not Encouragement

March 29, 2020

column by Ava Huelskamp | art by Cassandra Mueller Pregnant. The result of the ClearBlue pregnancy test belonging to the 750,000 teenage girls every year who make a trip to their local Walgreens after...

emily hormann, cassandra mueller, dean hume, lgbtq, lakota, lakota east spark, spark, lgbtq students

The True Duty

February 29, 2020

column by Emily Hormann | art by Cassandra Mueller “My family denied, and still denies, my identity.” The bustling conversations taking place around the room fall silent, heeding way for the girl’s...

Art by McKenna Lewis

I Don’t Feel Like Being Possessed

Ruth Elendu, Package Editor November 6, 2017

Column by Ruth Elendu | Art by McKenna Lewis Halloween just passed and everyone from the annoying kid down the block to the neighbor’s dog dressed up either as an Avenger, a hot dog, a princess or any...

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Summer Lovin’

September 11, 2017

By Leah Boehner | Art by McKenna Lewis My summer body is the same as my winter body, but that hasn't always been the case. My weight doesn’t change with the seasons, I don’t get much more tan in the...

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