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mia hilkotwitz, dean hume, lakota east spark, yellow springs, voting age, voting age 16

To the Polls

Mia Hilkowitz March 17, 2020

story and photography by Mia Hilkowitz For many high school students, their biggest concern would be on an upcoming chemistry test or finding a date for next week’s dance, but East sophomores Jessica...

liberty junior show choir, liberty junior, lakota pe credit, lakota, lakota curriculum, pe waiver, lakota east spark, dean hume, megan miranda, cassandra mueller

More Than A PE Class

Megan Miranda March 4, 2020

story by Megan Miranda | photography by Cassandra Mueller Long gone are the days of dodgeball and sweaty school days.  Show choir is now joining the likes of marching band, cheerleading, and basketball,...

dragonfly foundation, orange out, orange, lakota, lakota east, lakota east dragonfly foundation, hannah fuller, riley higgins, dean hume

Orange Out for Dragonfly

February 29, 2020

story by Hannah Fuller | photography by Riley Higgins As the buzzer for the 2020 East versus West basketball game sounded in the East gymnasium, the scoreboard read the winner of the game, but the real...

regan denham, brayden barger, natalie mazey, dean hume, lakota east spark, spark broadcast, spark broadcast network, storytime with lakota principal, storytime with lakota principal sbn, sbn, lakota east spark

Storytime With a Lakota Principal

February 26, 2020

reporting by Regan Denham | story by Natalie Mazey | videography by Brayden Barger Once a month, IKEA is not just the place where people can buy anything from swedish meatballs to coffee tables.  After...

lakota, lakota local schools, lakota east spark, dean hume, alexandra fernholz, elpp, ofcc, lakotas facilities plan, jenni logan, matt miller

Lakota Looking Forward

February 26, 2020

story, photography, and infographic by Alexandra Fernholz Lakota is following in the footsteps of several other Ohio school districts by taking the first steps of a Master Facilities Plan which could...

spark broadcast network, lakota east spark, mlk day, mlk march west chester, west chester, liberty township, lakota east, dean hume, jake ratliff, nicco morello, brayden barger

West Chester MLK Day March

January 25, 2020

Camera Operation by Nicco Morello and Jake Ratliff | Reporting by Nicco Morello | Editing by Brayden Barger SBN takes you to the scene of the MLK March in West Chester where the life and legacy of Martin...

laktoa east solar array, lakota east national honor society, eliza bush, cassandra mueller, national honor society, nhs, solar array, dean hume, lakota east spark, spark

Solar Strides

January 23, 2020

story by Eliza Bush | photography by Cassandra Mueller As she’s walking to her fourth period Advanced Placement (AP) Literature class, she rounds the corner and spots the gold poster taped strategically...

lakota east spark, spark broadcast network, sbn, lakota one to one, chromebooks, lakota chromebooks, spark, dean hume, brayden barger, nicco morello

Lakota One-to-One Tech: One Year Later

January 20, 2020

camera work and editing by Brayden Barger | reporting by Nicco Morello SBN takes you to the scene of the Innovation Hub where one year has passed since Lakota intially launched the #WEareEMPOWERED initiative....

lakota, lakota busing, lakota east, lakota east spark, alexandra fernholz, dean hume, spark

Busing Brought Back to Lakota Freshmen

January 18, 2020

story and photography by Alexandra Fernholz | additional photography by Riley Higgins Jan. 18, 2020 marks the ninth year since busing was available to Lakota high schools. However, due to a recent board...

lakota choir, choir, lakota east, lakota east spark, marleigh winterbottom, dean hume, princeton pike church of god

Holiday Choir Concert

Marleigh Winterbottom December 20, 2019

story and photography by Marleigh Winterbottom East’s Singing Thunderhawks presented their 10th annual holiday concert at the Princeton Pike Church of God on Dec. 3 from 7 to 9 p.m. The concert featured...

lakota report card, ohio report card, shiloh wolfork, kelly johantges, lakota spark, dean hume

The Learning Curve

December 19, 2019

story by Shiloh Wolfork | photography by Andrew Marshall | infographic by Kelly Johantages The Lakota Local School district recently received an overall B on the annual 2018-2019 school report card, the...

blood drive, hoxworth, laktoa, lakota east, lakota spark, spark, dean hume, riley higgins, natalie mazey

Giving Blood to Give Life

Natalie Mazey December 17, 2019

story by Natalie Mazey | photography by Riley Higgins Lakota East Med Club hosted their third annual Hoxworth Blood Drive on Wednesday, Dec. 11. Around 100 students donated blood over the course of the...

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