Story by Michael Croy | Photography fair use

The Lakota East website was redesigned at the beginning of November by the Lakota District Media team in an effort to improve its layout, appearance, and ease of operation. Lakota Executive Director of Media and Community Relations Lauren Boettcher, who oversaw the project, said that the update to the East website was part of “a larger project to upgrade the entire Lakota website.”

“It started about a year and a half ago,” Boettcher said.  “The district site and all other school sites launched at the beginning of August. East followed last month and West will go live in January.”

Some students like East senior Adam Regg are excited about the redesign.

“Compared to the previous website, this one is much more modern and sleek. I really like the simplicity and overall image of our school it portrays,” Regg said. “The thing I like the most about the new website is how easy it is to navigate. Basically anything you need is right there on the home page and is really easy to find.”

East parent Mary Howard is also happy about the new website because she thought the old one was difficult to operate. Howard’s favorite part of the new website is “the ease of finding what I am looking for.”

Howard enjoys the functionality of the new website as it is much easier to operate, describing the options as making “sense and more directed to what I need to find with minimal mouse clicks.”

Overall, she thinks the redesign benefitted the website and district and that “it serves Lakota’s needs well.”

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