Recipe and Photography by Gabbie Behrmann

Looking for the perfect side dish to bring to a summer barbeque? Try this old fashioned German potato salad! The sweet and salty flavors will surely leave you wanting more.

Makes 15-20 servings


3 lbs diced, peeled russet potatoes
1 lb bacon, diced
1 white onion, diced
1 ¼ cup sugar
1 cup vinegar
1 cup water
1 teaspoon celery seed
2 tablespoon flour


  1. Begin by boiling the diced, peeled potatoes. Be careful to not over boil them, as this can make them mushy.
  2. Fry the diced bacon and diced onion together in a large skillet.
  3. Add all your ingredients, except the potatoes and flour, into the same skillet, bringing it to a boil.
  4. Mix 2 tablespoons of flour into a little bit of water, and add mixture to skillet. Turn the heat down to medium-low setting.
  5. Mix with whisk and let simmer until the mixture is thick and bubbly.
  6. Grab a large bowl, mix the potatoes and sauce together, and chill before serving.
  7. Dig in and enjoy!

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