Interview by Allie Church | Photography by Sophia Spivey

Allie Church: What sport do you play?

Secret Hughes: Girls basketball.

AC: What grade are you in?

SH: I’m in 11th grade.

AC: When did you start playing basketball, and for how many seasons have you played varsity for East?

SH: I’ve been playing since the sixth grade, and I’ve played varsity for two seasons for East.

AC: What got you started playing basketball?

SH:  What got me started playing basketball is moving schools all the time and my siblings playing. I moved schools a lot when I was younger, so I thought the easiest way to make friends was to join a club. So I decided to join the basketball team.

AC: You were injured going into this season; when were you injured and what happened?

SH: I had a tear in my PCL and hyperextended my knee during a tournament in the summer.

AC: How has your recovery been, and how has the transition been going back in?

SH: My recovery back was hard, because I didn’t like having to sit out much, so I went back and that didn’t help at all, so I ended up sitting out longer than expected. Transitioning back into basketball I would say wasn’t that hard.

AC: How do you think your season is going so far?

SH: I think the season this year is going not the way we want it to go. It’s been tough, but we’re pushing through it and are not going to stop trying. Every game is a learning experience, and our schedule doesn’t get any easier.

AC: What is your favorite part about playing basketball?

SH:  My favorite part about playing basketball is the people I meet throughout the years, and how you’re able to make a bond with them that can last a while.

AC: What is your mindset going into every game?

SH:  My mindset going into every game is to focus on what I need to do to help out. I always have my own goals going into a game.

AC: What is your favorite TV show?

SH:  The Bad Girls Club.

AC: What is your favorite color?

SH:  Neon blue.

AC: What is your favorite song?

SH:  “Enough” by BTM

AC: Are you doing anything over winter break?

SH: Over Winter Break I’m going to sleep and train for basketball. Mostly sleep.

AC: What are some words or qualities you try to live by?

SH: Words I like to live by are “everything is energy; your thought begins it, your emotion amplifies it, and your action increases the momentum.

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