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Astrology Club President Kyra Mackey (left) and Vice President Samantha Schaller (right) welcome members to the clubs April 8 meeting.

Stars Align

Kien Vu April 16, 2021

story by Kien Vu | photography by Audrey Allen Astrology isn’t about looking at stars, rather it’s about understanding one’s self in the universe. The Astrology club meets every Tuesday in room...

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Mind Over Matter

March 11, 2020

story by Ava Huelskamp | photography by Cassandra Mueller He takes a deep breath as he guides the closed-eyed students in his Honors Biology class through a mindfulness exercise, instructing them to take...

shiloh wolfork, riley higgins, dean hume, lakota east spark, hate culture, liberty center, liberty center ohio, spark, lakota east, lakota east spark, hate

Hitting Hate Head On

March 3, 2020

story by Shiloh Wolfork | photography by Riley Higgins For me, hate culture has never been considered a single term or idea but instead, a gradual and continuous collection of experiences and events that...

dragonfly foundation, orange out, orange, lakota, lakota east, lakota east dragonfly foundation, hannah fuller, riley higgins, dean hume

Orange Out for Dragonfly

February 29, 2020

story by Hannah Fuller | photography by Riley Higgins As the buzzer for the 2020 East versus West basketball game sounded in the East gymnasium, the scoreboard read the winner of the game, but the real...

lakota choir, choir, lakota east, lakota east spark, marleigh winterbottom, dean hume, princeton pike church of god

Holiday Choir Concert

Marleigh Winterbottom December 20, 2019

story and photography by Marleigh Winterbottom East’s Singing Thunderhawks presented their 10th annual holiday concert at the Princeton Pike Church of God on Dec. 3 from 7 to 9 p.m. The concert featured...

lakota report card, ohio report card, shiloh wolfork, kelly johantges, lakota spark, dean hume

The Learning Curve

December 19, 2019

story by Shiloh Wolfork | photography by Andrew Marshall | infographic by Kelly Johantages The Lakota Local School district recently received an overall B on the annual 2018-2019 school report card, the...

rachel anderson, lakota east, lakota east girls cross country, cross country, regionals, sports, lakota east spark, spark, dean hume

Highest Finish

December 11, 2019

story and photography by rachel anderson Everything grows silent. The cheers from the crowd are far away and it seems as if the starting gun will never fire. The nerves keep building as the East varsity...

opinion, grades, grade inflation, spark, lakota spark, dean hume, regan denham, alexandra fernholz

Easy A

November 20, 2019

column by Regan Denham | art by Alexandra Fernholz There’s pressure to stand out, pressure to be unique in a system designed to make students bland and similar. It’s hard to fathom that I am just...

lakota east, lakota east spark, dean hume, ianni acapulco, lillian elliot, technology, in-depth

All In Moderation

Ianni Acapulco November 15, 2019

story by Ianni Acapulco | art by Lillian Elliot East sophomore Aya Darwiche arrives to school early each morning, long before the hectic rush of the school day’s start. It’s quiet at that time, but...

school board, lakota school board, lakota spark, lakota east, candidate night, dean hume, riley higgins, andrew marshall, anna mullins

Spark Candidate Night

October 24, 2019

story by anna mullins | photography by riley higgins and andrew marshall On a rainy night in late October, they gathered. Community members, parents, students, and administrators all came together in...

The candidate night was broadcasted via Instagram Live on 2 Sparks Instagram @lakotaspark

Lakota School Board Candidate Night 2019

October 22, 2019

Video by Brayden Barger and Nicco Morello | photography by riley higgins On October 21, the Lakota East Spark hosted its biannual Lakota School Board “Candidate Night.” The candidate night is an opportunity...

hawks for the cure, lakota east, east, lakota east spark, spark, andrew marshall, josie mckain, dean hume

Hawks for the Cure

October 17, 2019

story by Josie McKain | photography by Josie McKain and Andrew Marshall In front of a packed-out, pinked-out gymnasium, the East Thunderhawks volleyed for victory. The freshman and varsity teams spiked...

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