Watching You

Opinion Editor Olivia Rigney reviews the third season of the original Netflix drama “You,” which takes a look into Joe’s old stalker haits and the Goldber family’s new bakery. Rating: 5/5


Olivia Rigney



Couples counseling might not be enough to help this seemingly normal, newlywed Los Angeles pair: Love Quinn and Joe Goldberg. Played by Victoria Pedretti and Penn Badgley, this couple has been through a lot in the past year, from getting married to having a baby. This season’s premise sets up the idea that, while a couple might look typical from the outside, there are secrets not visible to outsiders. Joe and Love look like they’re living the dream when in reality they murder innocent people who get in the way of their desires. 

The third season of “You” premiered on Netflix on Oct. 15 2021, when viewers tuned in during its first week of being released, it immediately hit the top of the charts on Netflix, scoring an approval rating of 96% on Rotten Tomatoes. 

Both Joe and Love are at fault for the deaths they accumulated under their watch. In this season, Love has adopted Joe’s previous role of taking unhealthy jealousy to the extremes. The clear box, that was used to house their kidnapped victims in the first two seasons, has moved from Joe’s basement to their new bakery. The cupcakes and muffins entice hungry customers, but some unlucky people are welcomed in against their will. The Goldbergs start off with the intention of not using their new space for villainous purposes and disguise the basement and glass box by storing cooking ingredients; however, their evil urges are unmatched.Badgley and Pedretti give tremendous performances because they are able to switch from their caring parental personas for the public, to their cold and nefarious killer identities. 

In the end, Love’s side should be favored. Joe had finally found his perfect match: someone who looks past every fault. Love lives for her husband’s attention, which is commandeered by a little craziness, but is unsuccessful with her unhealthy obessions. She is constantly making an effort to work on their marriage and try new things to keep things interesting. Although this part of the plot is carried out well on screen, it is disappointing to see Joe constantly looking for desire from other women. This season shows that this cycle of jealousy and murder is a pattern that works out for no one. 

Mr. and Mrs. Goldberg are joined with a new supporting cast of neighbors and new friends, most of which survive. There are dynamics that follow the coteries of people in the L.A. suburbs. Out of all the fake friends that are encountered this season, the best character to come out of this was Theo, the kid next door. Theo, played by Dylan Arnold, was a breath of fresh air in between the brutal and uncalled-for murders. He also revived the hope for Love’s life, giving her the attention she deserved. Although their entanglement might be a little controversial, he shows Love that she is worth more than what Joe is giving her. Theo’s spectacular visuals were also a plus, as he gave a more serious performance compared to his last feature in the “After” movie series. 

The wild ride is not yet over for The Goldbergs. “You” was renewed for a fourth season on Oct. 13, before the third season even hit the screens. Based on the last few minutes of season three’s cliffhanger finale episode, the next season will take place in Paris and will follow whatever trouble Joe gets himself into this time.