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Political Science

Political Science

Riley Higgins January 2, 2021

story by Riley Higgins | photography by Abbie Westendorf | art by Shiloh Wolfork Flipping through the daily mail after school one afternoon, I came across an unsettling sight. As per usual, during any...

Spark Package Editor Mia Hilkowitz discusses the implications of minors being tried as adults in the US criminal justice system.

A Stolen Youth

Mia Hilkowitz December 11, 2020

story by Mia Hilkowitz | photography by Riley Higgins | art by Shiloh Wolfork Rodney Hulin Jr. was 17 years old when he committed suicide in his Brazoria County Federeal Prision cell.  Two years before...

This photo was taken outdoors in a socially distanced manner.

Just Vote

November 6, 2020

column by Brayden Barger | photography by Riley Higgins Turning 18 definitely comes with its perks. I don’t have any more driving restrictions, I have a lot more job options, and I can get married if...

rebecca breland, alexandra fernholz, dean hume, lakota east spark, spark, coronavirus, liberty township, ohio, liberty township coronavirus, class of 2020, 2020 graduation, 2020 coronavirus

To the Class of 2020:

May 30, 2020

column by Rebecca Breland | photography by Alexandra Fernholz To the kids I’ve spent the last 12 years of my life with, to the kids who’ve been with me through it all, to the kids who’ve made me...

ava huelskamp, sex education, cassandra mueller, dean hume, ohio sex education, curriculum, abstinence, lakota east spark, spark

Safety, Not Encouragement

March 29, 2020

column by Ava Huelskamp | art by Cassandra Mueller Pregnant. The result of the ClearBlue pregnancy test belonging to the 750,000 teenage girls every year who make a trip to their local Walgreens after...

emily hormann, cassandra mueller, dean hume, lgbtq, lakota, lakota east spark, spark, lgbtq students

The True Duty

February 29, 2020

column by Emily Hormann | art by Cassandra Mueller “My family denied, and still denies, my identity.” The bustling conversations taking place around the room fall silent, heeding way for the girl’s...

alexandra fernholz, editorial cartoon, climate cartoon, climate, lakota, lakota east spark, spark, dean hume, climate change cartoon

See No Evil, Hear No Evil

January 22, 2020

editorial cartoon by Alexandra Fernholz  

jake ratliff, alexandra fernholz, lakota, lakota east spark, spark, lakota, dean hume

Radio Recession

January 12, 2020

column by Jake Ratliff | art by Alexandra Fernholz I began driving at the end of my sophomore year of high school. The sound of my little car starting up was music to my ears when I first heard it, but...

anna biddle, alexandra fernholz, alexis martin, opinon, lakota east, lakota east spark, spark, dean hume, human trafficking

Justice For Martin

December 26, 2019

column by Anna Biddle | art by Alexandra Fernholz Alexis Martin was desperate. At only 15 years old she was stranded in a horrendous situation. On Nov. 7, 2013 the chance arose for her to potentially...

alexandra fernholz, anna mullins, lakota, lakota levy, levy, lakota east, lakota east high school, WEareLakota, spark, lakota east spark, dean hume

We Are The Levy Kids

November 30, 2019

column by Alexandra Fernholz | photography by Anna Mullins I first moved into the Lakota district in March of 2011, just five months after the November 2010 levy failed by 53.5%of votes. It was this failure...

opinion, grades, grade inflation, spark, lakota spark, dean hume, regan denham, alexandra fernholz

Easy A

November 20, 2019

column by Regan Denham | art by Alexandra Fernholz There’s pressure to stand out, pressure to be unique in a system designed to make students bland and similar. It’s hard to fathom that I am just...

bearacade, sanden, emily sanden, alexandra fernholz, opinion, opinion column, spark, lakota spark, dean hume

Barricading the Negativity

October 5, 2019

column by Emily Sanden | art by Alexandra Fernholz On the first day of school, I noticed new devices installed next to every door. Some of my teachers explained the procedure of the barricades, but some...

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